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August 24, 2010 / Simon

The New Threat?

This Domino’s Pizza cook claims to be “taking your job” while talking to a commercial director. Why can’t you simply take a picture of the pizza with a point & shoot as it comes out of the oven? Well…look at the results and I think you’ll see.

This is just a part of Domino’s rebranding as a company that wants you to think it produces actual food instead of cardboard. I don’t think it’s a threat to food photography as it’s just kind of gimmicky. There’s a little more background over at A Photo Editor, so go there if you want to read more about it. The idea is that the consumer gets involved with the company and aren’t we all having a wonderful time together, etc. The problem I have is that the claims they are making just ring false. Look at those pictures of their pizza…it still looks kind of crappy IMO. I still don’t want to eat Dominos, and this guy in the video just looks confused.


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